Franklin Half Dollar Facts

Franklin Silver Coin Facts – Engraver John R Sinnock designed the Franklin Half Dollar in the early Forties. He also designed the Roosevelt Dime. His initials appear just below the bust of Benjamin Franklin on the face of the Franklin Half Dollar. Approximately 482 Million Franklin Half Dollars were minted between 1948 – 1963.

Millions of Franklin Halves were melted from 1964 – 1968 during the great silver melts of the Sixties. These coins were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. Franklin halves struck in the San Francisco mint are sought after by many collectors due to the limited numbers of Franklins and high quality of the San Francisco mint.

Coins minted in Philadelphia do not have a mint marking. San Francisco minted coins have a ‘S’on the reverse just above the Liberty Bell’s yoke. Denver minted coins are identified by a ‘D’ in this same location.

Well-struck uncirculated pieces showing full bell lines on the Liberty Bell demand a substantial premium over well circulated coins. Coins minted in Philadelphia during 1955 may have an error called the ‘Bugs Bunny’ due to the appearance of buck teeth on Franklin. A double die coin also appeared in 1961 proofs.

Franklin Silver Coin ObverseFranklin Silver Coin Reverse